What size will fit?

Each size we offer will fit up to the maximum height in that range. Please take measurements as follows:



Measure the height of your child standing straight and with no shoes on. Measure from the top of the head to the ground.



With a fabric tape measure under the arms and the fullest part of the chest.



Place a fabric tape measure comfortably loose around the child’s natural waistline for this measurement.

We design our costumes to be comfortable and a generous fit – with plenty of growing room. Wherever possible we make waists elasticated and use "Hook and Loop" fasteners to make the costumes easy to get in and out of.

If you anticipate wearing the outfit over the top of ordinary clothing it is worth considering buying the costume in a larger size.

Fur costumes
The inside of the fur fabric often has a backing that can be scratchy to the skin. After the first wash, the fabric will soften. We suggest you wear light-weight clothing under your furry costume to avoid irritation.



Charlie Crow Size UK height Chest-cm/inches Waist-cm/inches US Europe Australia Japan
3 Years 98cm/39 inches 53cm/21" 51cm/20" 2T 98cm 3 98cm
3-5 Years 116cm/46 inches 58cm/23" 53cm 4T-6 104-116cm 6 116cm
5-7 Years 128cm/50 inches 62cm/25" 55cm 5-7 years 117-128cm 8 128cm
7-9 Years 140cm/55 inches 68cm/27" 59cm 7-9 years 129-140cm 10 140cm
9-11 Years 152cm/61 inches 74cm/29" 63cm 9-11 years 141-152cm 12 152cm
3-8 Years One size up to 128cm 62cm/25" 55cm 3-8 years up to 128cm up to 8yrs up to 128cm
3-10 Years One size up to 140cm 68cm/27" 59cm 3-10 years up to 140cm up to 10yrs up to 140cm
Adult Height UK Dress Size
Medium 164cm/65 inches up to size 16
Large 183cm/72 inches Chest 117cm/46 inches Waist 107cm/42inches



CLICK HERE to learn much more about our face coverings, including: A Sizing Guide, Safety information, washing instructions and our charitable program designed to help families in need.