At Charlie Crow-Costumes for Kids, we don’t just make fun, fancy dress for children and adults, we also take our commitment to the environment seriously. We try to reduce our environmental footprint wherever we can.

Fabrics used in Charlie Crow Costumes for Kids

All Charlie Crow outfits are made from manmade fabrics. This is because natural fibres, such as cotton and linen, will not pass the strict international flammability safety standards. These standards are there to protect children while playing.


Charlie Crow’s environmentally friendly answer to using manmade fibres is to make good quality kids costumes that will stand up to lots of play and wear. Our outfits can all be washed on a short washing cycle and do not need tumble drying, which reduces the energy required to maintain your costume.


Recycling Charlie Crow costumes

A Charlie Crow costume is designed to last a long time and could still be used long after it is outgrown. You can store your costumes away for your grandchildren; lots of our customers do. Or donate them to friends, local schools, theatre or playgroups. There’s always a good home waiting for a Charlie Crow costume!


Alternatively, you can send your Charlie Crow costume back to us; we distribute these to local charity groups. As a special thank you, we will send you by return a 10% discount voucher off any future orders.


Packaging Charlie Crow costumes

We have reduced the amount of plastic and packaging we use to a bare minimum. All our packaging is recyclable.


Fabric waste - Charlie Crow Free Resource kit for schools

Once upon a time, the cut-off fabric waste that came from the production of our costumes was thrown away. Now we recycle our waste fabrics into resource kits made up of colourful fabric scraps, cotton cones, cardboard tubes, etc. Included in the resource kit, are a few costumes and accessories, free of charge, these items may have slight faults in the fabric or are production samples. This is an excellent way for you to find out just how good Charlie Crow costumes are.


Free to schools!!!!

We give our resource kits free of charge to any schools and playgroups who can collect from us. If you know of a school or charity organisation who can call and collect a Charlie Crow resource kit, please let them know. Our address is Charlie Crow Costumes, Party Shop Supplies Ltd, Unit B4 St Modwen Trade Park, Fenton, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 2TB, UK.


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