About Charlie Crow


Charlie Crow is an independent, family run company. We offer our own award-winning designs, which are made in our workshop in Staffordshire, Great Britain. For over 30 years we have been providing fun, innovative costumes that allow children to explore their own creativity. We guarantee that every product we create conforms to all safety regulations in both Europe and the USA. We only supply costumes and accessories that are designed and made in our own workshop. We are committed to making safe, durable and practical outfits that ensure children can play and be anything they want to be. We believe that pretend play, where children become someone or something else, is a natural way to stimulate social development through cooperation and taking turns. We aim to provide costumes that allow children to act out stories and learn through play.



Our Story

Charlie Crow is founded on the principle that there are no limits to a child’s imagination! It all started with a mum and dad who had two boys who loved to dress up. They opened their first fancy dress shop in 1984, became a Limited Company in 1994, and never looked back! Charlie Crow has been family owned and operated ever since. At Charlie Crow, we design, manufacture and distribute costumes for adults and children, and now supply the whole world! We continue to offer innovative designs for the whole family to enjoy. With the 2nd generation playing an integral role in our future, we are confident Charlie Crow will continue to provide fancy dress clothing that children love to wear, for many years to come. Our costumes are durable and practical and playing in them leads to bigger imaginations. At Charlie Crow, we believe in encouraging children to spend time playing and enjoying imaginative fun, and we see this in the wonderful comments we receive from mums and dads who are now introducing our costumes to their own children.


The Charlie Crow Team

Everyone at Charlie Crow works together to produce fun costumes that are robust and made to last. We believe in encouraging children to play imaginatively and be exactly what they want to be!


Any questions?



Our helpful and experienced Charlie Crow Customer Services Team are happy to answer any questions you might have from Monday to Friday, 8am-4pm. Contact them at info@charliecrow.co.uk


You can also order over the phone from Monday to Friday 8am-4pm. Telephone - 01782417133.